In some cases, ideal wrinkle reduction is achieved by replenishing the lost volume under your skin. Radiesse® is composed of calcium based micro-spheres and resorbable gel. This product is injected close to the bone and upon injection, is an immediately Volumizing Filler providing much needed life to replenish the youthful contours of a younger You. This unique tissue filler has been misunderstood and only recently is it finding the niche that takes the best advantage of a longer lasting filler, ideally suited to addressing the loss of bony tissues especially in the mid and lower face. Put off a face-lift by restoring the natural bony prominence of an young and healthy face.

Radiesse is essential in the spectrum of facial fillers. It is firmer in consistency than the HA fillers and partly made of calcium, thereby making it ideal for replacement of bony volume and deep tissue loss. It is also good for folds and wrinkles of the skin. What makes Radiesse special is its biostimulatory qualities— when injected into the skin, it actually stimulates more collagen growth. You have the advantage of enhanced stimulation of your own collagen.