Radiesse® is an FDA-approved dermal filler used to fill in moderate and deep wrinkles. One of the most significant reasons why people start to show signs of aging is because they have lost tissue volume under their skin. Lost volume leads to early signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and folds. In some cases, ideal wrinkle reduction is achieved by replenishing the lost volume under your skin. Radiesse is a way to accomplish this.

Over-the-counter wrinkle treatment creams and other products are often ineffective when it comes to smoothing away wrinkles. Neuromodulators are effective for wrinkle reduction, but they only work for wrinkles caused by contracted muscles. Radiesse® is a better option for areas where volume loss has caused wrinkles to form.

Radiesse: A Volumizing Dermal Filler

Radiesse is a cosmetic skin treatment for facial wrinkles and folds around the mouth and nose. It is composed of calcium-based CaHA microspheres suspended in an aqueous resorbable gel. This product is injected close to the bone and upon injection, is an immediately Volumizing Filler providing much-needed life to replenish the youthful contours of a younger You.

Your body loses collagen over time due to aging and many other factors. Radiesse stimulates the body’s natural collagen production rate and gives structure to the underlying tissues.

This unique tissue filler has been misunderstood and only recently is it finding the niche that takes the best advantage of a longer-lasting filler, ideally suited to addressing the loss of bony tissues, especially in the mid and lower face. Put off a face-lift by restoring the natural bony prominence of a young and healthy face.

What Differentiates Radiesse from Other Dermal Fillers?

Radiesse is essential in the spectrum of facial fillers. It is firmer in consistency than the HA fillers and partly made of calcium, thereby making it ideal for replacement of bony volume and deep tissue loss. It is also good for the folds and wrinkles of the skin.

What makes Radiesse special is its bio stimulatory qualities— when injected into the skin, it actually stimulates more collagen growth. You have the advantage of enhanced stimulation of your own collagen.


“The first time I had filler, I had already had Botox with a girlfriend. I had no idea what to expect, I was really tired while taking care of a sick parent. I looked like I was ill and I felt so low. I have to admit that I hate needles. I hate going to the doctor but I really needed to do something for myself. So I came to Diane for filler, again with a friend, to hold my hand. It’s the best thing I ever did.”

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The Benefits of Radiesse

Radiesse has a long list of benefits that include the following:

  • Radiesse is ideal for smoothing away moderate to severe wrinkles and folds such as the nasolabial folds, parentheses lines, and marionette lines.
  • Radiesse volumizing dermal filler can be used to restore volume to the backs of the hands.
  • It offers immediate results, meaning you can see the difference in the texture and volume of your skin immediately.
  • The CaHA in Radiesse boosts the production of collagen over time, leading to improved elasticity, firmness, and strength in the skin.
  • The treatment creates natural-looking results.
  • A Radiesse treatment session is fast and painless.
  • Since Radiesse is made of ingredients that occur naturally in the body, they are more compatible with your body, reducing the chance of allergic reaction or rejection.

After Your Treatment Session

There is no downtime associated with this procedure. The side effects of this treatment are minimal and include minor temporary swelling and bruising in the injection areas.

Results of severe wrinkle treatment last for up to two years. The results of this treatment in low-movement areas can last for up to three years.

Find Out More

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