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Solinda Burgess, FNP, Medical Director

Solinda Burgess, FNPGreetings, I’m Solinda. With nearly 15 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, serving as an ER tech, RN, and Family Practice-trained CNP, my passion for aesthetics began during my tenure as a massage therapist. During this time, I received cross-training in aesthetics, igniting a passion that has flourished over the years.

My dedication extends beyond offering aesthetic treatments. I aim to enhance women’s beauty by focusing on hormone balance and weight loss. To stay at the forefront of aesthetic care, I have completed advanced facial contouring courses and am excited to announce the upcoming introduction of body contouring with Sculptra.

Moreover, I provide a range of IV therapies, including Myers’ Cocktail, NAD (Vitamin B-3/Niacin), Glutathione, and dehydration treatments, all designed to promote overall wellness.

In my free time, I cherish moments with my children and actively engage in cultural events such as powwows and art shows. I also enjoy reconnecting with nature through hiking and exploration. Join me on this holistic journey towards wellness and beauty, where we focus on both inner health and outer radiance.