Eyelash Extension LATISSE Albuquerque

Published on July 28, 2019

Women have long been enamored, and even obsessed, with long, luxurious lashes. It is hard to pinpoint when exactly this obsession started, but one may guess it may have been born around the 16th century when “batting your lashes” to flirt started becoming popular. In the past few decades our options for enhancing our lashes have been limited to the painstaking battle of gluing on false lashes. Today, however, we have Eyelash Extension through LATISSE.

Eyelash Extension through LATISSE works within 4 weeks of beginning the daily application at home with full results visible after 16 weeks. LATISSE is the only FDA-approved treatment for inadequate eyelash growth and has revolutionized the way we enhance our eyelashes. Are you interested in learning more about Albuquerque Eyelash Extension through LATISSE? Contact our office today to schedule your consultation to find out if LATISS may be right for you!