Hyperhidrosis Treatment Albuquerque

Published on March 10, 2019

Many people struggle with excess sweat that is unpredictable and can occur even when the person feels cool and is inactive. The condition of excessive sweating is called Hyperhidrosis and can cause a lot of embarrassment for the person suffering front he condition. Although it is not known exactly what causes the condition, though it is thought to be genetic, at least 2 to 3% of the population has it. In addition to causing low self-esteem the overactive sweat glands can cause excessive wetness that can results in irritating rashes and other skin conditions.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment through Botox can help hyperhidrosis sufferers achieve the dryer and more confident life they deserve. Botox is injecting into the overactive sweat gland to block the nerves that are overstimulating the glands. The Botox treatment for Hyperhidrosis is very effective and results can last up to 12 months. If you are ready to learn more and find out if Botox may be your best bet for treating your Hyperhidrosis, contact our office to schedule your consultation today.