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Dermal Fillers vs. Botox: Which Treatment Is Right for You?

Depending on your goal, one treatment is better than the other. Both dermal fillers and Botox are great facial rejuvenation options that many men and women around the world are using. If this is your first time hearing about these products, we’re going to do a quick comparison below to help you determine which cosmetic treatment is right for you.

What are Dermal Fillers?

It’s been proven time and time again that the natural effects of aging will decrease both collagen production and the amount of volume in the face. Dermal fillers are a type of cosmetic treatment that works to enhance facial volume and minimize wrinkles caused by lack of volume.

There are many different dermal filler products on the market today. Some of the more popular brand names are Restylane, Bolotero, and Juvederm. Most of these dermal fillers will be comprised of a substance known as hyaluronic acid. This compound can be used to handle all types of cosmetic facial issues like nostril flare, bunny lines, and even angry lines.

What is Botox?

Botox is a type of cosmetic, minimally invasive procedure that works to improve fine lines and wrinkles on the face. These facial injections contain a substance known as botulinum toxin. Its job is to simply block the nerve signals in the face to prevent unwanted muscular contractions.

For example, you may find that you squint often. This constant contraction of the upper facial muscles can formulate fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Botox can be strategically injected into those upper facial muscles to temporarily block signals from the brain telling them to contract. This leaves these muscles in a relaxed state, which prevents wrinkles and fine lines from occurring.

Dermal Fillers vs. Botox

When trying to determine if you would benefit from dermal fillers or Botox injectables, it’s important to understand their main purpose. Dermal fillers, on the one hand, correct any volume loss or sagging of the face, jowl area, and neck. Botox, on the other, is all about relaxing tense muscles to prevent dynamic wrinkles from occurring in the first place.

In general, the fine lines that develop in the lower half of the face are a direct result of collagen and volume loss. Even when your facial muscles are relaxed, these lines still appear. For this reason, fine lines that develop in the lower half of the face tend to be treated with dermal fillers. This is because fillers add the necessary facial volume to unfold these wrinkles.

When wrinkles develop in the upper part of the face, they are usually the result of frequent muscular contractions. Using Botox will help to relax those overly tight muscles. As their nerve signals are blocked so they won’t contract, the wrinkles are prevented from happening in the first place.

A Combined Approach

It’s not uncommon for both patients to develop fine lines and wrinkles in both the upper and lower portions of their faces. In this instance, a two-part treatment may be necessary. Botox injections are necessary to stop fine lines from occurring in the upper half of the face. Dermal fillers are necessary to plump up the lower face to remove wrinkle folds. This combination approach can help to create an overall more youthful appearance for the patient.

If you need facial rejuvenation, then you should consider either Botox or dermal fillers, or a combination of both treatments. By understanding what each treatment can do for your facial appearance, schedule a consultation with our medical spa team to determine what technique is right for you.