Medical Spa Testimonials Albuquerque

“Diane is an artist and my face is her canvas”

I was introduced to DiVersions Medical Spa roughly two years ago. I had been a client of (unnamed doctor) for roughly 5 years, and was not completely satisfied. It was time for a change. Diane came highly recommended from a trusted friend. During my first consult, I was so impressed with the experience. It is obvious Diane has been in the business for years and stays up to date with her craft and knows the latest techniques. It was important for me to feel comfortable during the consult process. Diane listened to me, understood what I wanted and thoroughly explained my treatment options. She truly understands the female mind, and what is aesthetically appropriate and natural for my face. Diane uses Botox to address the pesky wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. We have experimented with the Botox to get my face just the way I want it – with a natural and refreshed look. Recently, she introduced me to Restlyn to address concerns around my mouth and chin. Diane is always so flexible and continues to listen to my ever-changing needs. I cannot say enough positive things about each experience. Diane is an artist and my face is her canvas. Not only have I been very pleased with the services received at DiVersions, I am beyond impressed with Diane’s approach and Linda’s outgoing demeanor. I have a hectic schedule and Linda squeezes me in when I call at the last minute. I highly recommend DiVersions! These gals are simply fabulous!
See You Soon”

~Charmaine xxx

Patients say, “Diane is The Best”

“I live in New York and my physician is a New York Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. When visiting family a few years ago, I had a Botox and filler treatment from Di Sanchez. I return to New Mexico twice a year now, and have her do all my Botox and Filler! I love her and I love my face in the mirror because of her! I’m hooked!”

~Louise C.

“Best Needle in Town”

“I came to Diane because someone I respect told me, ” she has The Best Needle In Town’ and maybe in the whole country!” I received a treatment by her and I totally agree. Now i will never go to anyone else for treatment again. She IS the BEST!!”

~Lisa F.

Patients are Devoted to Diane

“I’ve been in the Aesthetic Filler market for over 20 years. I’ve trained injectors and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Still, I have to admit I have my favorite products and my favorite injectors. I am a Restylane/Perlane girl and I love my Botox. I LOVE Diane Sanchez and trust her to inject me anytime! She has a great artistic eye for beauty and that makes her an Artist as well as great technical skills for facial injections. She does a great job and she is kind, interested, and committed to her Art. And, she is gentle and great with pain control.”

~Jen B.

Patients say, “I trust her”

“It seems like everyone has a story about getting Botox or Filler. Some stories are really awful and some are really funny. I don’t have any stories like that about my treatments with Diane. She always works with great Doctors. She always does great work. I trust her. I will always go to her. I just hope she outlives me and never retires.”

~Elaine E.

Patient says, “I was so happy, I Cried”

“The first time I had filler, I had already had Botox with a girlfriend. I had no idea what to expect, I was really tired while taking care of a sick parent. I looked like I was ill and I felt so low. I have to admit that I hate needles. I hate going to the doctor but I really needed to do something for myself. So I came to Diane for filler, again with a friend, to hold my hand. It’s the best thing I ever did. I will always come back to Diane. I saw my face in the mirror after she finished injecting me ! I looked so much more like my younger self I cried. It was great. Thanks Diane!”