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Conveniently located to serve Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Surrounding Areas

Welcome! The mission of DiVersions Wellness & Med Spa is to empower you with renewed outer beauty and inner confidence. Our sole focus is a DiNamic New You! By understanding your beauty desires, we can help you become your most radiant, natural, and youthful looking self.

All facets of our exclusive boutique medical spa are designed to reconnect you with how beautiful you are inside and out. We specialize in making you feel pampered and appreciated. Our private, soothing environment sets the tone for your experience from the moment you enter the door.

In addition, our premium facial products will steer you from aging to rejuvenation. These skin care systems, selected only after stringent medical review, outperform department store offerings. Diane Frances Sanchez – DiVersions Wellness & Med Spa owner, spa director, and nurse specialist – channels her caring, artistry, and extensive expertise into delivering medical facial aesthetics with the most skillful techniques and the highest medical standards. Our primary services feature the aesthetic injection of the popular Neurotoxins: Botox® and Dysport® and Dermal Fillers: Juvéderm® and Restylane®.

Please call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation or an enhancing treatment. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you become a more DiNamic New You!


A Deeper Understanding of DiVersions

Founded by Diane Frances Sanchez, DiVersions Wellness & Med Spa is much more than a medical spa – something you will sense upon entering. Her mission is to empower you with outer beauty and inner confidence. Sometimes, how we feel when we look in the mirror can undermine our sense of self. We can feel inadequate or less than the beauty we are. Diane Frances wants you to reconnect with that true part of yourself that dwells within.

She chose the name DiVersions because of her deeper view of beauty. “Di” is for Diane, and “Versions” represents the multi-faceted versions of beauty that she sees and helps to enhance. A DiNamic New You is truly her sole focus.

Diane Frances artistically works with your unique features and look to achieve a natural result, as if you just returned from vacation feeling rested and refreshed. These enhancements boost your own special appearance, not follow celebrity trends in the media.

“I love it when our clients’ confidence increases after having fillers or Botox®. I’ve seen them push through obstacles in their lives and initiate changes to become the person they’ve always imagined themselves to be,” Diane shares.

She is the consummate artist and technician, applying her craft with professionalism, caring, and compassion. She listens and advises with heart. She continually invests in her own training and education to stay on top of best practices and products. In addition, Diane Frances is passionate about personal and spiritual growth, and is working toward certification in a variety of programs to raise the vibration in herself, in you, and in all beings. New wellness services incorporating these foundations are in development. Sound Therapy is just one example.

Before starting her nursing career, Diane Frances studied art, fashion, and costume design. She excelled in portraiture. Her keen eye for style, aesthetics, and visage guides her work today.