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While our face and neck are showing signs of ageing, so are our hands. They can give away our age while we’re focused on our more obvious face. The skin on our hands becomes thinner, more lined, hyperpigmented with age spots as well as the veins showing up more due to the loss of volume underneath it all . Restore that volume loss , help those lines soften as well as minimize the protruding veins with our Dermal fillers.

Your Hand Rejuvenation treatment will be performed by the DiVersions Wellness & Med Spa team located in Albuquerque, NM.

Why Do People Need Hand Rejuvenation?

It’s easy to estimate a person’s age by looking at the backs of their hands. The main reason why hands age faster than other body parts is their exposure to UV rays over the years. Direct sunlight causes aging signs like wrinkles, age spots, and dullness to form on the backs of the hands.

Additionally, loss of fatty tissues occurs due to the aging process, resulting in the prominent and harsh appearance of tendons and veins in the backs of the hands.

Hand rejuvenation corrects volume loss in order to fill in hollowness and wrinkles in the backs of the hands, restoring a youthful and smooth appearance.

Dermal Filler Treatment for Hand Rejuvenation

We employ dermal filler injections in order to effectively reverse aging in the hands. Dermal fillers are proven methods of facial rejuvenation that have been adapted for rejuvenation of hands.

Fillers are injectable products specifically formulated to fill in areas that have lost volume and to smooth away harsh wrinkles. They are biocompatible with the human body, making allergic reactions and rejection highly unlikely.

Dermal fillers have temporary results, usually lasting for around 6 months to a year depending on the chosen filler. After this time, patients can return for follow-up treatments to maintain their results.


After getting a dermal filler treatment for hand rejuvenation, you will not need any sort of downtime or recovery time. There may be some redness/bruising/swelling, but these are temporary issues relating to the injection process and will fade shortly.

To maintain your hands’ fresh and youthful appearance after treatment, it is helpful to always wear sunscreen and to avoid prolonged sun exposure. Moisturizing is also very important. Follow your doctor’s recommendations closely.

Hand Rejuvenation Cost

The price of a hand-rejuvenation filler treatment depends on your choice of med spa. The number of injections required and the filler that is chosen also affect the overall cost.

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“Outstanding service from the great staff at DiVersions. I have been a patient of this great establishment for the last 5 years and enjoy my appointments and services provided by Diane Sanchez. She always places the customer first and makes excellent recommendations as to a procedure or new product. I receive compliments on my appearance and so much of it has to do with the fine work that Diane does every time I visit. And her staff are always professional and caring, looking out for opportunities for future visits for me. Can’t recommend this spa enough.”

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